Helping the Greenhouses

Your donations will help fund our community programs.

Funding for the construction of the greenhouses was obtained with a combination of private donations and grants. Long-term maintenance and operating costs will be funded by support from the City of New Rochelle (utilities and insurance), grants for environmental programming, private donations, fund raising activities (e.g. plant and birdseed sales) and by fees arising from small events and persons or groups who want to plant and grow in the greenhouses.

Hudson Park Children's Greenhouse will have two part-time staff employees including a Director (20 hours/week) and an Educator (30 hours/week.) In addition to staffing, we will have expenses related to running the buildings including electricity, heating, water, phone/internet, web maintenance, insurance, plant supplies, educational material and literature. Our annual operating budget is estimated to be $62,700.

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The trustees of the Gwendolen Appleyard Trust Fund for New Rochelle Charities chose Hudson Park Children’s Greenhouse, Inc. for a Matching Challenge Grant totaling $20,000 in year 1 (2016-2017), $15,000 in year 2 (2017-2018) and $10,000 in year 3 for the replacement/renovation and maintenance for the Greenhouse in Hudson Park New Rochelle. We have met those totals and are grateful for their support. Those grants are now closed.

Hudson Park Children's Greenhouse, Inc. 501(c)(3)

P.O. Box 236, New Rochelle, NY 10804.