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Dr. Wildcliff Haunted Greenhouse & Mansion

in News by Karen Hessel

New Rochelle, NY — Get ready for heart-pounding moments, spine-chilling encounters, and an unforgettable night of terror at our Haunted Attraction. With expertly crafted scenes that are sure to leave you breathless, this hair-raising adventure promises to test your bravery like never before. But beware, as the darkness within may awaken your deepest nightmares.

Dr. Wildcliff's Haunted Greenhouse & Mansion is recommended for adults, teens and Children who love horror and haunted houses. Admission of Children under 8 will be at the discretion of the parent(s). Additionally, there is a haunted laboratory, cemetery, and corn maze.

This immersive Halloween event will run on October 20th-22nd and October 27th-29th, from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM, at Hudson Park, New Rochelle, NY. Timed tickets can be purchased on Haunt Pay.

For the small ones -- The adventure doesn't stop there. On October 21st, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, we invite children to join us for a special pumpkin patch event. Explore the magical world of our pumpkin patch where kids can paint pumpkins, embark on a skeleton scavenger hunt, and explore the exciting corn maze and cemetery. This is a ticketed event, offering youngsters a day filled with enchantment and creativity. Tickets can be purchased on Haunt Pay.

Ticketing: Tickets are available for purchase on hpcgreenhouse.com and via Haunt Pay. Be sure to secure your tickets early, as this promises to be an unforgettable adventure!

Merchandise: Don't miss out on our exclusive event T-shirts, available for purchase at the venue.

Gratitude for Generous Donors: We extend our heartfelt thanks to the generous donors who made this event possible. Their contributions towards construction materials have been invaluable: Cappelli, developer of 3Thirty3 high-rise luxury multifamily; Frank Chechile, developer of sparkling Huguenot; Hudson Meridian; Khosla Capital, owner of Sherwood Station.

Thank you to all our volunteers, including our Hudson Park Children’s Greenhouse members, Boy Scouts, Iona Prep students, New Rochelle School District students, Mount Vernon High School students, Volunteer NY, Discovery Camp counselors and campers, the New Rochelle boating community and more.

"Dr. Wildcliff Haunted Greenhouse & Mansion" is not just an event; it's an unforgettable experience that blends traditional Halloween elements with a thrilling storyline, creative sets, and immersive performances.

Proceeds from this event will fund children’s gardening programming at Hudson Park Children’s Greenhouse throughout the year. Hudson Park Children’s Greenhouse is a project that has been almost 10 years in the making. Our grand opening/ribbon cutting event will happen in early November. For further information, please visit hpcgreenhouse.com or contact info@hpcgreenhouse.com. Join us for a Halloween adventure like no other and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Media Contact:

Karen Hessel Hudson Park Children’s Greenhouse, Secretary karen@101010nr.com (914) 420-3701 cell

About Hudson Park Children’s Greenhouse:

Hudson Park Children’s Greenhouse is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational and engaging experiences for children. This Halloween event is part of our ongoing efforts to create memorable and enriching experiences for the community.


Milijana Radonjic-Ilich, President of Hudson Park Children’s Greenhouse “We are so excited about this Dr. Wildcliff’s Haunted Greenhouse & Mansion event and have been working on it since January. Our team is phenomenal and tireless. I am sure you will enjoy the experience.”

David O’Neil, Halloween Event chairperson and visionary “We are thrilled to offer this experience to the community and provide an opportunity for thrill seekers to enjoy this fantastic event with haunted mansion, greenhouse, cemetery with mausoleum and corn maze. It is not to be missed.”

Johanna Felix, Project Coordinator “We can’t wait to share our haunted mansion and greenhouse with Halloween enthusiasts of all ages. Don’t be scared to come! We would love to have you.”

Quotes regarding greenhouse opening:

Millie Radonjic-Ilich, President of Hudson Park Children’s Greenhouse “Walking into the new Hudson Park Children’s Greenhouse is a dream come true for me. We have been working for close to 10 years to make it a greenhouse a reality. We hope this Halloween event will be a major fundraiser for us. We are a 501c3 non-profit and have to be sustainable. I have always thought Hudson Park as a jewel of New Rochelle and this brand new Wildcliff complex will only enhance the park.”

Disclaimer: Parents know their children better than anyone else, we leave it up to you to make the choice of whether they can attend or not. Dr. Wildcliff's Haunted Greenhouse & Mansion DOES offer special prices for children under 12. PARENTAL DISCRETION IS HIGHLY ADVISED. There are no refunds for ANYONE who decides not to wait in line or that does not finish the haunt because they're too scared or for any other reason. Dr. Wildcliff's Haunted Greenhouse & Mansion has many emergency exits in case anyone gets too scared to continue the haunt. Carrying babies though the Haunted Attraction IS NOT PERMITTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! – NO EXCEPTIONS! PARENTS PLEASE NO BABY’S THIS IS A LOUD SCARY ENVIRONMENT! We do leave that up to the parents but if a child cannot walk on her or his own, they shouldn’t be in a haunted house.