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Hudson Park Children's Greenhouse Ribbon Cutting Event Celebrates a Decade of Dedication

in News by Karen Hessel

New Rochelle, NY - November 16, 2023 – The Hudson Park Children's Greenhouse committee and City of New Rochelle are thrilled to announce the grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday, November 16th, at 10:30 am. The event marks the culmination of ten years of unwavering commitment from the Hudson Park Children's Greenhouse Committee under the direction of their president, Milijana “Millie” Radonjic-Ilich, and dedicated effort from the Wildcliff Mansion Committee.

In 2013, the Hudson Park Children's Greenhouse Committee, consisting of over 52 dedicated New Rochelle residents, embarked on a mission to restore an old historic greenhouse in Hudson Park. However, in November 2018, following the tragic fire that consumed the nearby Wildcliff mansion, the committee pivoted to an ambitious new project — the construction of a state-of-the-art children's greenhouse adjacent to the historic ruins.

In response to the devastating fire, the Wildcliff Mansion Committee was swiftly formed in 2018. Their mission was to determine the future of the burned-out historic mansion and the associated insurance monies. Choosing innovation over restoration, it was decided to transform the beautiful stone mansion into a stabilized ruin without a roof, creating a stunning venue for events and build the Children’s

Greenhouse on the same parcel. This decision was underscored by the scenic location on the coast of the Long Island Sound, offering panoramic views of Echo Bay.

The Hudson Park Children's Greenhouse will serve as a hub for educational horticultural classes for the children of New Rochelle and the wider community. Additionally, the greenhouse is available for rental for various events, including birthday parties and small gatherings. The mansion, with its timeless charm, offers an enchanting backdrop for special occasions.

The Hudson Park Children's Greenhouse Committee and the Wildcliff Mansion Committee express heartfelt gratitude to the City of New Rochelle, the Department of Parks & Recreation, generous sponsors, dedicated donors, and the tireless committee members. This achievement would not have been possible without the support of the community, the encouragement of families, and the dedication of friends.

Join us in Hudson Park on Thursday, November 16th, at 10:30 am, as we cut the ribbon and officially open the doors to a new era of education, community, and celebration at the Hudson Park Children's Greenhouse.

For more information about the Hudson Park Children's Greenhouse, please visit http://hpcgreenhouse.org/.

Media Contact: Milijana Radonjic-Ilich